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It Was A Different Flight

Intelligent Organic AircraftI knew it was a different flight when we began our descent through the clouds.  The plane bounced a little when it hit the first one, then settled like a spoon through ice cream.  One by one, the clouds surrendered under the weight.  And as the clouds gave, you could almost hear them sigh.  The last one snagged on the tail, tugged a little-stretched-and then slowly eased its grip open, waving gently as it released the plane.  Were there shreds of cloud lingering behind, or did we shed some tail feathers? 
Inside the cabin, I noticed dozens of faces glued to the windows, the only sound the occasional oohs and aahs of wonder, with the attendants leading the random chorus.
I turned as motion outside the window caught my eye.  The wings, gently flapping, showed a grace of lapping waves.
On our descent we crossed over a patch-work quilt of greens and browns–farms on hilly terrain that reminded me of my bed on Saturday mornings, hastily made on my way to weekend adventures with lumps of socks and stuffed animals beneath.
While still fairly high, the plane abruptly, yet gracefully, slowed– with a slight lift and reversal of motion– and alighted on an enormous bird house high in the branches of a Sequoia.
We all just sat, all agog and awed.

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