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Aboard My Pirate Ship

“Today’s our big adventure!”
Lizzy says to Kate.
“Let’s go aboard our Pirate Ship.
“C’mon!  We can’t be late!”

They put on pirate outfits–
A bandanna and a sash.
Lizzy wears a fluffy blouse.
Katie, an eye patch.

They walk across a gang-plank.
(That’s how they get on board.)
The horn blows “toot” and they salute
Each other with their swords.

Then Katie hoists the mainsail
And Lizzy takes the helm.
(That’s what they call the steering wheel
In the pirate-speaking realm.)

“Cast off the lines!” shouts Lizzy.
“Bring in the plank!” yells Kate.
Their fun begins when friendly winds
Blow them where treasures wait.

Ahoy!  A whale to starboard!
A dolphin swims astern!
And mermaids wink at sailors
Who blow kisses in return.

At noon the sun is highest.
The pirates sit for lunch.
They eat peanut butter sandwiches,
Their favorite meal to munch. Read the rest!


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