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Resume Builders for Moms

Here are some job titles for the many roles filled by mothers:

  • Life Guidance Counselor
  • Character Development Coordinator
  • Discipline Maintenance Supervisor
  • Wardrobe Coordination Consultant
  • Faith Development Director
  • Juvenile Herder
  • Multi-Event Transportation Expert
  • Child Self-Confidence Programmer
  • Multiple Objective Transactional Home Enhancement Resident
  • Domestic Events Coordinator
  • Manic Overworked Maid
  • Chief Household Finance Officer
  • Primary Health Maintenance Officer
  • Executive Of Household Affairs
  • Morale Enhancement Team Leader
  • Ethics Enforcement And Incubation Officer
  • Nasal Drainage Officer/Auto-Immunity Enhancer
  • Chore Achievement Motivator With Expertise In Gluteal/Manual Interface


Many Scents of Mom

My Mom is always with me.
Like the early morning dew.
With the sunrise I awake to
Smells of coffee freshly brewed.

(I remember how her coffee breath
Would wake me every day.
With the scent of eggs and bacon
Wafting gently up my way.)

She is present in the autumn
As the fallen leaves are burned.
I await the morning school bus
With another day to learn.

(I recall her grubby sweatshirt
As she cheerfully would rake,
Making every chore a pleasure,
Every job a game she’d make.)


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