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Socks for Smell

Hi, my name is Lizzy.  My sister’s name is Katie, and my brother’s name is Kevin.

My Mommy lets us play outside, but we have to stay in our yard.  The other day a funny man came to our neighborhood.  He was pushing a car with a bell.  We thought he was the ice cream man, but he did not have any ice cream.

Kevin asked me, “what does s-o-c-k-s-f-o-r-s-m-e-l-l spell?”

Katie said, “socks for sale!”

“No, Socks for Smell,” said the man.

He opened his cart up and there were all sorts of socks. (more…)


The Wooden Man

Once upon a time, long, long ago
There lived a man with a wooden toe.
A wooden toe, nine others, too,
That fit neatly in his wooden shoes.

The toes had friends in the highest of places,
Or so thought the friends, the white shoe laces.
But they never looked behind to view
The rest of the body above each shoe.

Above each foot there did arise
A tall wooden man, reaching into the skies.
And high above that belly did rest
A stout and hearty barrel chest.

On either side of the wooden chest grew
Large shoulders miles above each shoe.
These shoulders connected the wooden man
To the five wooden fingers on each wooden hand.

(Of course each hand would do him no good
Without his strong arms, also made of wood!)
His neck grew up above each chest,
Way up higher than almost the rest. (more…)


“Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs and get a distress call from the commissioner and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around, fighting crime. Those are the real heroes.”  Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute:“A hero kills people, people that wish him harm.”
Mr Brown:“Ok.”
Dwight Schrute:“A hero is part human and part supernatural. A hero is born out of a childhood trauma or out of a disaster and must be avenged.”
Mr Brown:“Ok, you’re thinking of a superhero.”
Dwight Schrute:“We all have a hero in our heart.”

Aboard My Pirate Ship

“Today’s our big adventure!”
Lizzy says to Kate.
“Let’s go aboard our Pirate Ship.
“C’mon!  We can’t be late!”

They put on pirate outfits–
A bandanna and a sash.
Lizzy wears a fluffy blouse.
Katie, an eye patch.

They walk across a gang-plank.
(That’s how they get on board.)
The horn blows “toot” and they salute
Each other with their swords.

Then Katie hoists the mainsail
And Lizzy takes the helm.
(That’s what they call the steering wheel
In the pirate-speaking realm.)

“Cast off the lines!” shouts Lizzy.
“Bring in the plank!” yells Kate.
Their fun begins when friendly winds
Blow them where treasures wait.

Ahoy!  A whale to starboard!
A dolphin swims astern!
And mermaids wink at sailors
Who blow kisses in return.

At noon the sun is highest.
The pirates sit for lunch.
They eat peanut butter sandwiches,
Their favorite meal to munch. Read the rest!

It Was A Different Flight

Intelligent Organic AircraftI knew it was a different flight when we began our descent through the clouds.  The plane bounced a little when it hit the first one, then settled like a spoon through ice cream.  One by one, the clouds surrendered under the weight.  And as the clouds gave, you could almost hear them sigh.  The last one snagged on the tail, tugged a little-stretched-and then slowly eased its grip open, waving gently as it released the plane.  Were there shreds of cloud lingering behind, or did we shed some tail feathers? 
Inside the cabin, I noticed dozens of faces glued to the windows, the only sound the occasional oohs and aahs of wonder, with the attendants leading the random chorus.
I turned as motion outside the window caught my eye.  The wings, gently flapping, showed a grace of lapping waves.
On our descent we crossed over a patch-work quilt of greens and browns–farms on hilly terrain that reminded me of my bed on Saturday mornings, hastily made on my way to weekend adventures with lumps of socks and stuffed animals beneath.
While still fairly high, the plane abruptly, yet gracefully, slowed– with a slight lift and reversal of motion– and alighted on an enormous bird house high in the branches of a Sequoia.
We all just sat, all agog and awed.

788. Becoming a Bird

Shore Bird in Flight

“Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they?”  Matthew 6:26

The rock outcropping began to warm in the pre-dawn glow as the horizon took on a golden orange hue.  The undersides of marshmallow clouds shared the warming embrace, kissed by the still-hidden sun.

The cliff was  already active with calls and chatter.  I’ve never been a morning person, but this, my first daybreak with wings, was something I wouldn’t miss.  Some were waddling on the beach, while others were already taking advantage of warming air columns, soaring high above the open expanse of ocean.


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