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Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

Thanks to RAnn for the wonderful execution of this beautiful idea: a weekly digest of Catholic Blogs.

Scott HahnThis Lent I have been reading and reflecting on Scott Hahn’s book, Lenten Reflections from A Father Who Keeps His Promises.  In this Third Week of Lent, he focuses on Exodus. My daily reflections follow:

God’s Power, Not Ours.  God chooses the weak to spread the Good News so that His glory shines through our weaknesses.  How can I offer my weakness for His glory?

No Obstacles for God.  God blesses Joseph throughout his difficulties and struggles.  How do I look to God in my struggles?

Forgiveness Reunites.  Through the power of forgiveness, God reunites Joseph and his family.  How quick am I to forgive others?

God Uses Adversity. God uses difficulties to help us draw nearer to Him and to rouse us from complacency.  How is God asking me to stretch beyond my comfort zone?

God’s Plan for Moses.  Moses is a reluctant messenger who is at times rejected by his people.  What is God asking me to do?  Who has He sent to “deliver” me?

An Unlikely Hero.  How do I respond to God’s calling?  Do I make excuses?  Or do I say, “yes, Lord.  Send me!”?

True Liberation.  God delivers the Israelites from Goshen to the wilderness to teach them to rely on Him for their needs.  When does Go shake me up so that I learn to rely on Him?


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