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Barkada 2015 Celebration Shirts

Welcome to the site for ordering shirts celebrating the Barkada!  You DO NOT have to attend the reunion to order a shirt.


To order, you will need to know the following information for each shirt:

  1. Name of person (for whom are you ordering?)
  2. Email for confirmation
  3. Style of shirt
  4. Size
  5. Color

Order Form:

Complete this order form for each shirt you are requesting.

Order Deadline:

We hope to have all orders in by July 25, 2015, in order to improve our chances of having the shirts by the reunion.

If you are not attending the reunion, we will either give your shirts to one of your attending family members or send them by mail to your family representative.

Shirt Styles, Colors and Sizes:

We have four different styles available (click on title for more information):

Click on each style for samples, colors and sizing information.

Aisa Villarosa created this year’s logo. Click here for a larger picture plus an explanation of the elements.


Pricing will depend on how many items are ordered.  We will get volume discounts based on the type of production, i.e., print versus embroidery.  The polos are embroidered so the total of both polo styles will be combined for pricing.  The crew and v- neck t-shirts are printed and the totals for these styles will be combined for pricing.

Having said that, the following are pricing estimates:


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