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Happy Easter!

Thanks you, RAnn for providing this wonderful opportunity to share with fellow Catholics in our Pilgrim Church, this weekly digest of Catholic Blogs.

Palm Sunday.  What is Finished?  This Palm Sunday, I am challenged to continue what I started on Ash Wednesday:  my journey to know Him better.

Monday of Holy Week.  Jesus, Our Passover Lamb.  Scott Hahn reflects on the parallels between the Paschal Mystery and the Old Testament.  How much do I know or appreciate Christ’s sacrifice?

Tuesday of Holy Week.  The Cup of Blessing.  Scott Hahn draws parallels between the Last Supper and Seder.  But he only whets my appetite to learn more!

Wednesday of Holy Week.  The Paschal Mystery Fulfilled.  Jesus knows the cup of wrath which He must drink to save the world, yet He asks for God’s will.  Do I seek God’s will in my life?

Holy Thursday.  The Bread of Life.  Fasting this Lent has taught me how my “true hunger” is for Him.  How do I intend to “diet” from that which only temporarily satisfies so I can truly partake of His feast?

Good Friday. A Once-For-All, Never-Ending Sacrifice.  Jesus died so that all may inherit eternal life.  How am I behaving as an heir to Christ’s will?

Holy Saturday.  The Gospel of the New Covenant.  Jesus adopts us into His Divine and human families.  How do I turn to His mother for help?

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