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What Is Finished?


Happy Palm Sunday!  Today I continue my journey through Scott Hahn’s book, Lenten Reflections from A Father Who Keeps His Promises.

It is finished.

Scott Hahn uses Christ’s final words as a sort of nudge, as words to encourage us on our journey to know Him better.  How better to know Him who is the Word than to delve into the Word?

This Lenten journey gave me an awesome opportunity to dive more deeply into His Word…but more than that, it has highlighted—no, it focused high-intensity beams on my ignorance of His Word.  How well do I know Him?  How well do I want to know Him who gave His all for me?

On the original Palm Sunday, Jesus was received like a modern day pop star:

As he rode along,
the people were spreading their cloaks on the road;
and now as he was approaching the slope of the Mount of Olives,
the whole multitude of his disciples
began to praise God aloud with joy
for all the mighty deeds they had seen.
They proclaimed:
“Blessed is the king who comes
in the name of the Lord.
Peace in heaven
and glory in the highest.”  Luke 19:36-38.

This Lent has given me pause to question myself:  do I receive Christ with pomp and circumstance?   With glory, praise and hosanna?

I was blessed this Lent to attend the Diocese of Lansing Catholic Men’s Conference, which featured some charismatic men.  Scott Hahn (a former evangelical minister who found his home in the Catholic Church and whose book I’ve been reflecting on this Lent) was one of the speakers and he offered his book, Understanding the Scriptures, A Complete Course on Bible Study.  When he described it as curriculum for high school students, I knew it was written for my level and I had to buy it.

During one of the first Sundays of Lent, the Mass celebrant challenged us in his homily.  He asked us:  if our Lenten practices are so effective in drawing us closer to God, why do we stop as soon as Lent is over?  So, my challenge beginning with Easter is this:  how will I continue this walk with Christ?

Day 40-1 This Lent has revealed to me not only how little I know Him in His Word, but how fruitful it is to learn more and—even better—how much I thirst for Him.  So as I enter the Easter Season, I am committed to continue my study of His Word. Day 40-2


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