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Thanks you, RAnn for providing this wonderful opportunity to share with fellow Catholics in our Pilgrim Church, this weekly digest of Catholic Blogs.

This Lent I have been reading and reflecting on Scott Hahn’s book, Lenten Reflections from A Father Who Keeps His Promises.  This past week I read “Week 5:  From Kingdom to Exile”, which begins with the establishment of the Davidic Dynasty and takes us through to Babylonian exile.

Sunday:  Humble Means.  God chooses a young shepherd boy as hero to His people.  Who has been a hero in my life?  And how can I be a hero to others?

Monday:  Son of Promise.  God spoke to David directly at first, and then through prophets.  Who does God send to communicate with me?  How receptive am I to the message?

Tuesday:  A Servant’s Heart.  King David demonstrates that true gratitude begins with humility.  How can I be more humble, and thus more grateful?

Wednesday:  A Rich Treasury.  The Book of Psalms reflects true intimacy between King David and the Father.  How have I studied the Psalms to learn to imitate this relationship?

Thursday:  God’s Broken Heart.  David, a Man After God’s Own Heart, commits adultery and murder.  And yet his repentance is pure and sincere, an acceptable sacrifice to God.  Am I truly sorry for my sins?

Friday:  A Wise Man’s Fall From Grace.  Despite all his wisdom, Solomon fell into idolatry.  How have I fallen because I lean on my wisdom, strength and courage rather than seeking God’s?

Saturday:   A Profound Conversion.  After Solomon, Israel suffers centuries of anguish but it prepares them for Christ.  How am I preparing myself these 40 days of Lent for the celebration of Easter?

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