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Thanks you, RAnn for providing this wonderful opportunity to share with fellow Catholics in our Pilgrim Church, this weekly digest of Catholic Blogs.

This Lent I have been reading and reflecting on Scott Hahn’s book, Lenten Reflections from A Father Who Keeps His Promises.  This past week I read “Week 4:  Israel in the Wilderness”, reflecting on the Israelites time in the desert after deliverance from Egypt.

Sunday:  A New Identity.  The Israelites become a holy nation.  How do I identify myself:  by what I do (for work or for fun) or by who I serve?

Monday:  A Privilege and a Responsibility.  The Holy Eucharist is the sacrifice marking the beginning of the New Covenant.  I can re-join Christ and His disciples daily at Mass.  Do I take full advantage of this blessed privilege?

Tuesday:  The Great Physician.  God punished the Israelites for focusing their adoration on a golden calf instead of on Him.  What in my life draws my attention from God?

Wednesday:  Rules and Rebellion.  God demands my obedience for love.

Thursday:  New Moses.  Moses gave us the Ten Commandments and manna.  Jesus gave us the Beatitudes and Himself.  How do I live up to God’s commands?  How do I long for His Bread of Life?

Friday: From Faithfulness to Forgetfulness.  Even with God’s miraculous victory over Jericho, the Israelites forget their deliverance and turn to sin.  What vicious cycle do I need to break to draw closer to God?

Saturday:  Total Rest.  David sought to give God a place to rest, to build Him a home.  But this was not God’s will and so it did not happen.  How often do I seek to do things my way instead of seeking His will for me?

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