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Rejoice in the Lord always

His Holiness, in describing the Magi who followed the Star, speaks of their motivation:  “But none of this would have prompted people to set off on a journey, unless they were people of inner unrest, people of hope, people on the lookout for the true star of salvation.”

I was first taken aback by the juxtaposition of phrases.  “People of inner unrest” and “people of hope.”  Inner unrest = hope?!  How is that?

So I started reflecting on hope.  Hope is forward looking, anticipating what may be, seeking . . . improvements?  Salvation?  It sustains us in unsettled states.  It brings calm to . . . our inner unrest?

May the Star of the Magi bring hope to your inner unrest.

Comments on: "Rejoice in the Lord always" (2)

  1. tony sperendi said:


    I loved this post. Spoke to me of my “inner unrest” and gave me “hope.” Blessings to you today and always!!!


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