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Vertical Mysteries

As I have grown more familiar with the Rosary and developed a stronger attachment to our Blessed Mother, I have begun to notice certain patterns and themes. Some are clearly intentional, and some I’m not so sure. For example, I noticed a pattern when praying the Glorious Mysteries: Up, Up, Down, Up, Down/Up. It’s all very vertical in its orientation. Let me explain.

  • Up. Resurrection. Jesus rises from the dead. Clearly a very vertical event.
  • Up. Ascension. Jesus ascends to His throne in heaven. Also very vertical.
  • Down. Descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples.
  • Up. Mary is assumed into Heaven, body and soul.
  • Down/Up. Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth. This takes a little more imagination. For down, I imagine the crown being lowered on her brow. for up, I imagine her elevation to the lofty role of queen.
This vertical orientation reminds me of a higher calling — vocational, professional or personal — a calling to improve, to work harder, to be better, but also a calling to serve, to reach down as I reach up.  It reminds me to reach up to Him who made me, but also reminds me that I don’t have to close the  gap on my own or with my own wherewithal.  Christ has made the round trip for me.  He has sent the Holy Spirit down to me.  And His mother has his ear–I can always ask her for intervention.  Vertical rosary.  I lift up my petitions and praise, knowing that his mercies and graces rain down on me.

Comments on: "Vertical Mysteries" (1)

  1. Great reflections Isn’t good to pray the rosary! I’d add:

    The power of Jesus’ resurrection flows down into our lives so we too can be raised up to live His new life in power.

    And the Holy Spirit descends on us that we could raise up our hearts, voices, and praises to our God on high!

    Pretty cool stuff!!!

    You’re the BEST!!!!!


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