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A Psalm of Dawning Hope

lessed am I, though not fully aware
Of all that I’m given, of all that I share
With all of God’s children adrift in the sea
We bump and collide with in each daily dare.

 try to push past them in trying to see
The goal of my efforts, my reason to be.
But all that I witness amidst all the din
Are the crush of His people behaving like me.

ware of my failures, alert to my sin
I look in the faces of strangers and kin.
The mob that surrounds me with hopeful desire
Reminds me of all that I am deep within.

iscerning, in them, what sets me afire
The common Nirvana to which we aspire
I realize now that, while we’re not the same
We have more in common than hope to acquire.

reated by Him who made both strong and lame,
By Him who gave us the creatures to name.
But, best of all, crafted us each with his care
In His image and likeness, alike — not the same.

lessed am I to become more aware
To realize that which I seek, we all share.
Our common Creator has answered our prayer
Before we could ask it, before we could dare.

lessed are you, Lord our G-d, Creator of the Universe, who has given us life and sustenance and permitted us to reach this day.  Our Lady, Mirror of Justice, pray for us.

~ Derived from a Jewish prayer.  (Thanks, Professor Barrett!)

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