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The Wooden Man

Once upon a time, long, long ago
There lived a man with a wooden toe.
A wooden toe, nine others, too,
That fit neatly in his wooden shoes.

The toes had friends in the highest of places,
Or so thought the friends, the white shoe laces.
But they never looked behind to view
The rest of the body above each shoe.

Above each foot there did arise
A tall wooden man, reaching into the skies.
And high above that belly did rest
A stout and hearty barrel chest.

On either side of the wooden chest grew
Large shoulders miles above each shoe.
These shoulders connected the wooden man
To the five wooden fingers on each wooden hand.

(Of course each hand would do him no good
Without his strong arms, also made of wood!)
His neck grew up above each chest,
Way up higher than almost the rest.

But higher still, and made of cherry
Rest the giant head, not bald but hairy.
For the largest birds in all the land
Had built their nests on his head so grand.

The head had eyes as red as a rose
And in between, a maple nose.
And, yes, to make the wood man complete
He had a large mouth to help him eat.

Of course, you know, it did him no good!
He could not eat, this man of wood.
He could not walk, or run, or play.
So there he stood all night and day.


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