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Socks for Smell

Hi, my name is Lizzy.  My sister’s name is Katie, and my brother’s name is Kevin.

My Mommy lets us play outside, but we have to stay in our yard.  The other day a funny man came to our neighborhood.  He was pushing a car with a bell.  We thought he was the ice cream man, but he did not have any ice cream.

Kevin asked me, “what does s-o-c-k-s-f-o-r-s-m-e-l-l spell?”

Katie said, “socks for sale!”

“No, Socks for Smell,” said the man.

He opened his cart up and there were all sorts of socks.

“I have socks of every scent and odor,” the man explained.  “I have Stinky After A Hard Day’s Work Socks.  I have Fresh From The Mud Puddle Socks.  I have Oops I Stepped On Gum Socks.

“I have Fresh From Mama’s Dryer Socks, Ran A Mile Race Socks, Sunday School Socks, and Smelly Dropped In The Diaper Pail Socks.  Take your pick!”

Kevin, Katie and I looked at each other and laughed.

The Man then told us we could smell whatever sock we wanted to, but we had to share something with him.

Kevin gave him a clean diaper.  He got to smell the Bubblegum Socks.



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