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Drunken Bliss

or Reflections of a (Seldom) Sober Conscience

Seven pence and a peso, too,
Were all i had, and a soleless shoe,
To put my son through college.

So i took two pence and i bought the News
And i thought, “surely, now they can’t refuse
To hire a High School Drop-Out.”

But i didn’t get to the classifieds.
The cinema blue is what i spied
And there went a pence and a peso.

My threadbare coat was a sight to see
But the ladies there were nice to me
So there went two more pennies.

When they saw those two round Lincoln-heads
Their heads ’bout burst and they turn’d bright red
And they threw me out the window.

And there i lay with a swollen eye
When i heard behind an embarrassed sigh
And i ducked what i thought was coming.

But the arm extent was a shielding glove
And the other arm wasn’t for a shove
But it picked me up and held me.

When i found the guts to meet his eyes
They were filled with hate to criticize
And they made me cold with sadness.

He remembered, so did i each night,
How his Mom and i would always fight
Every time i filled a shot glass.

He remembered of the drunken day
How her bloody, mangled body lay.
He had too — i don’t remember.

So, here i am, with two pence and a shoe,
And a son to put through college, too.
And i only have one question.

It’s a nagging, deeply driving thought.
It’s confused me every night we fought:
Didn’t Andy die with Mommy?


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