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329. Historic Ancestor

This prompt asks us to write about an ancestor in an historic context.  So I am writing about Robert M. McGucken, my great-great-great-great-grandfather.  Or my Mom’s Dad’s Dad’s Dad’s Dad’s Dad.

Engineers of the 8th N.Y. State Militia

October 6, 1862

Dear Mum,

Col. Larrabee has us still chasing after Genral Bragg.  I heer from one of the captins that we may be in for a brouhaha soon.  We myght have our first test of the war. Weve been after them Johnny Rebs all through this state of Kentuky.  Im told that our President Lincoln was born nearby.

Im sorry Im writing in English.  The colonel has been very strict with censuring our mail and he reads very poor Irish!  That will probably be struck!

I still am not sure why Im fighting this war.  Im still fresh from the potato fields of County Derry, but Im indebted to Pa’s musket training.  I warent long in Milwaukee in Wisconsin when I signed up.  Not much for jobs in Milwaukee, Im afeard.  But worry not after me.  Weere a well trained unit and fresh for the fight!

Some of the other men in my unit are more outraged against the rebels than me.  They are right peaved about the war and are raring to avenge some battle they never saw.

The food is okay.  Nothing like home, and the biskits make yours look downright edable!  I’m only funnin’ you, Ma.  You know I love your cookin.

Well I must close now.  The sun is getting low and I have to post soon.  Tell Pa Im alive.

Your faithful son,


P.S.  Looks like Bragg is digging near Perryville.  We will see if he lives up to his name!

P.P.S.  Please send me a flask of Bushmills.  This Kentuky crap single malt is straight from the trough!

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