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Writing Exercise

I bought a Kindle e-book containing 1,000 writing exercises.  I am now committed to writing one exercise a day for the next 30 days . . . starting tomorrow.  Why start today what you can put off until tomorrow?

New Beginnings

Words to live by.

Oh, the book is 1,000 Creating Writing Prompts by Bryan Cohen.

June 25, 2011.  Two things to keep in mind as you read these, but that I especially must keep in mind as I write them:

1.  Purpose.  My reason for writing these exercises is to loosen my creative muscles, to try different genres and enjoy a creative outlet.  To get my creative juices flowing.

2.  Expectations.  I am not Wally Lamb or Stephen King.  I may not ever be.  But I still gain from this expressive experiment.

I will write at least 200 words per exercise.  I do not intend that each exercise lead to a best-selling novel, or a novel of any level.  I’m just getting the creative juices flowing.

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